From Jersey to the Emerald Isle

The travels and adventures of an American Au Pair

The not-so-long awaited first post

Before I start writing about the places I have been or am going to I thought it would be appropriate to explain how I found myself as an Au Pair in a small town in Ireland.

Around March of this year my life had to opportunity to move in a variety of directions. I had finally let go of a long relationship that had run its course, was finishing up my Masters Degree, and was in the middle of an endless job search/application process.  It was also around this time that I was able to enjoy one of the many perks of being a student and was traveling to Washington, D.C. for spring break with some friends. The many hours spent in the car and traveling around this new city gave way to a variety of conversation topics and the idea of traveling came about. I have never considered myself a big “traveler.” It’s always seemed to transient a form of exploration for me. In fact, I often find myself in new cities wanting to be able to live there to really know the culture, the people, the twists and turns, the coffee shop where they know your name, etc. However, one of my friends mentioned her time Au Pairing in Spain for 3 months and the spark was lit.

From that point on, I casually mentioned to my parents that this was an avenue I was going to look into and filling out Au Pair applications became integrated with my entry-level job applications.

The rest happened fairly quickly as I spoke to families, primarily in Ireland, Scotland and the U.K. Within two weeks I had an offer from a family that fit criteria I didn’t even know I had, and I was faced with a decision.

The opportunity caused me to think a lot about how I would make decisions for my own life and my own happiness without the structure of home or university. After a lot of reflection and countless conversations with friends I made the decision to take the offer and move to Ireland for a year.

At the risk of sounding like an entitled 20-Something, I realized that despite graduating with a Masters, working since highschool, and completing 4 internships I still was not sure I wanted to do with my life. Therefore, in lieu of moving to a city and taking an entry-level office job or moving home and entering the commuting community, I am here in Ballina, Ireland taking advantage of this time in my life. 

I recognize that this could be a terrible decision for me. How can I go from always being an active student, employee, and potential job candidate to being a housekeeper, tutor, and nanny? So far the jury’s still out but I have the support and personal stubbornness to say this could be a truly magical time. As I work to find my own voice amongst the many I want to thank my family and friends for their continued love and support.

Le Grá (With Love),



"Finally the sun disappears altogether and then the moon, shining still more brightly, proudly ascends the throne of the sun. I greet you, Madam, the stars seem to say"

Anais Nin

I think the only necessary conclusion is that we are too beautiful because not being beautiful at all just doesn’t make sense.

—Zoe Trope (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)

(Source: fuckyeahzoetropequotes)

Keaton Henson

There is a kind of crying I hope you have not experienced, and it is not just crying about something terrible that has happened, but a crying for all of the terrible things that have happened, not just to you but to everyone you know and to everyone you don’t know and even the people you don’t want to know, a crying that cannot be diluted by a brave deed or a kind word, but only by someone holding you as your shoulders shake and your tears run down your face.

—Lemony Snicket (via slekes)


Have you ever been lonely?
Not in the physical way
Or where you haven’t been loved in a long time
The type of loneliness that exists surrounded by many people
The type of loneliness that sits and hides and only pops up when you take a second to breath
The type of lonely that hugs you at night as you snuggle into bed
The type of lonely that reminds you that ironically you are not alone
It gently reminds you that you are more loved than anything 
But that love is not there
It’s not in the next room, not under the bed, not lying on your bedside table in the form of a phonecall, not waiting in the vast abyss of the world wide web
It’s deep down
Down in the sea
Feeling the pressure of leagues and leagues
And feeling the same type of loneliness
That truly, only one other person can really know
And it caresses you to sleep
And at least you are afforded some loneliness at all
It’s better than being alone or with someone else that doesn’t make you ache.
Loneliness is underrated 
I’m thankful for this loneliness
It holds me in its beautiful arms as I breath through each day


Sunday the 25th, Siobhan and I went into Dublin to explore Ireland’s capital. With gorgeous weather again we wandered about and spent a lot of time in the Temple Bar area, where our hostel was. We went to the Guinness Factory and while at the Skybar there Siobhan made sure to point out that it was my birthday so I got many Happy Birthday’s and a round of Happy Birthday To You by everyone in the bar =] From there we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and layed out in the Sun, yes sun in Ireland. We went out to dinner and went to two pubs that night. The first, Temple Bar, had live traditional music and a great crowd of young and old. We met a few locals who then decided it was their duty to make sure I had a good birthday and took us to another pub where their friend was singing. On the way I saw my first Gypsy and it was very exciting. The next pub had more contemporary music and people dancing, I got a few shoutouts for my birthday and had the song If I ever leave this world Alive by Flogging Molly dedicated to me. Overall it was a great night in Dublin and a great way to celebrate my birthday.

The next day before my flight Siobhan and I went to Trinity College and it is gorgeous. We went into the Book of Kells Museum and saw the library. Being the nerds that we are we concluded it was the best smelling place we’ve been in, on account of all of the old books. After getting a very quick bite at a pizza place (sorry Sean) we parted ways and after I sat at the wrong gate for the wrong flight to Edinburgh, that was a tad embarrassing, I was safely back in Scotland.